Talalay Latex Mattress About

The polymer used in the emulsion of Talalay Latex comes from the sap of the Hevea brasiliensis tree abundant in Asia (Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia), Africa (Cameroon) or South America (Brazil)

Talalay latex is made ​​from natural latex emulsion using the Talalay process or system, invented in 1956 by Joseph Anton Talalay.

All these kinds of latex used in the field of rest, in the manufacture of cores for mattresses, pillows or blade sharpness.

It is clear that while we were talking about latex generically, the three types of latex provide the user with benefits and different sensations. He has to find the latex which best suits their needs.

In 1956, Joseph Anton invented the Talalay manufacturing process Talalay latex, from the same raw materials but by applying changes in the transformation process.

First, as in the process of latexnaturel, we create the mixture of components. After the mixing, it is introduced into the mold by suction. 
 With this method of extraction, we obtain a homogeneous mixture in the mold, that is to say that the molecules are distributed evenly and increase in size.

Then the mixture is subjected to a freezing process at -28 ° C. Through this process we arrive at the breakdown of the outer membrane of cells and this gives an open cell structure which provides so many benefits Talalay latex and, therefore, to our rest.

The next step is the injection of the gelling agent, which in the case of the Talalay process is CO2. By adding this agent, it stabilizes the structure of latex.

Later, we proceed to the cure (115 ° C), as in the conventional process, it extracts the contents of the mold by cooling to 30 ° C, is washed and dried.

The process of Talalay latex provides an extremely fine, with excellent properties for rest and an opportunity for ventilation (breathing of the open cell) high.

It is important to note that when it comes to the manufacture of cores for latex mattresses and pillows, we talk about something more than just a process.

An important fact is the type of mold used. This type of mold is one that we mark the ventilation capacity of the mattress, different densities or rest area, etc..
The mold must be designed with the comfort features that one wishes to transfer to the heart. The design of the mold mark the ventilation capacity of the mattress. The mold is designed with a multitude of points in the final product, are transformed into ventilation openings. For each of the comfort zones of the mattress final.

In many cases, the amount of additives as well as the type of additives, provide many of the characteristics of a mattress, as his touch, texture, smell ...
Also note that the latex is naturally anti-mite, that is to say that it prevents their establishment and growth in our core latex.

Therefore, when choosing a good mattress of latex, it is essential to analyze all possible aspects: Down Pillow latex, natural Talalay, heart size, density, comfort zones, sensations on the mattress, etc.. This will be the only way to ensure our rest.

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